Blake Griffin with his first dunk as a Brooklyn Net.


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[–]LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO101 8261 指標 6小時前*

Pistons fans boutta call for an investigation lmaoo. No dunks in a year and a half then dunks in his first game for the Nets. Def made a point to do it in this first game.


[–]Spurstiagosupersplitter 2846 指標 6小時前

Literally first game tho? What a huge fuck you to Detroit.


[–]Celticsstephen–strange 368 指標 6 小時前

his first basket…genuinely hilarious.


[–]NBAObi_Wan_Benobi 14 指標 4小時前

I kept saying it would happen (like everybody else) but I sorta didn’t think it would actually happen. Not on the first bucket anyway.


[–]Firstolympicring 707 指標 7小時前

Pistons been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, run amok and flat out deceived!


[–]Pistonsayyeemanng 562 指標 6小時前*

I’m happy for the guy. He was on a shitty 8 seed team which he single handedly carried into the playoffs and pretty much destroyed his body in the process. The consensus around the Pistons fan base is pretty much the same. He gave everything he had for us, never complained, committed to mentoring our young guys, and worked his ass off. I’m so happy to see him in a position to potentially earn some personal glory because he deserves it. Professional basketball player through and through and a great dude.



We still love him in LA too.


[–]Raptors6ickos 17 指標 5小時前

Now all Blake needs to do is hit multiple game winners against the Pistons over the next few years.


[–]Timberwolveszmajxd 255 指標 7小時前

He wasn't flying like the Old Blake.I don't think he was phoning it in in Detroit since you can clearly see that athletically he's pretty washed. Better spacing and more opens looks with the Nets will help him though.


[–]RaptorsFreddedonna 25 指標 7小時前

Blake about to be drug tested after the game.


[–]Knicksyellow_eggplant 999 指標 7小時前*

Lmao we all were joking about it but his first bucket as a Net was this dunk.Pistons fans RIP.


[–]PistonsExzqairi 796 指標 7小時前

I want the NSA to tap this man’s phone and read back all his conversations of the past 2 years to find any mentions of dunking.


[–]Pistonssteezalicious 40 指標 6小時前

Haha it doesn’t bother me honestly. I’m happy for Blake. Could he have dunked or played harder for us this year? Probably. But he never phoned it in in our previous years and honestly I wanted him out of the rotation, dunks or not.


[–]Bullsnavismathema 3133 指標 7小時前

He's clearly lost a lot of the explosiveness, but anyone who thought 6 ft 9 Blake was physically unable to dunk had lost their mind. I'm sure people will still overreact to this though.


[–]Wizardsspandexrecks 45 指標 7小時前

Steve Novak is 6’10” and played in the league for 10 years and never once had a dunk. I get that he was a shooter but come on. A closer look reveals that there were about 5 years where he didn’t even attempt a single shot from 0-3ft. Crazy not even one fast break dunk or something.


[–][MIA] Jimmy ButlerZAKDC00 170 指標 7小時前

This guy really decided to not do a single dunk until he was traded and stuck to it, I respect the hustle.


[–]ThunderBBallHunter 76 指標 7小時前

Imagine telling people from 5 years ago that such a standard Blake dunk was something worth celebrating.


[–][POR] Brandon RoyNevermoreSEA 45 指標 7小時前

Blake: "Call an ambulance!"


[–]Pistonsrake2204 44 指標 6小時前

That smile told me he'd been hearing all that garbage about whether he could still dunk and made a point to find himself an opportunity right out of the gate.


[–]76ersMaiqDaLiar1177 20 指標 7小時前

As a Blake fan, I’m happy for him. As a Sixers fan and someone who hates super teams, ***you Blake.


[–]ClippersCunt_Bucket_ 8 指標 9小時前

Brings a tear to my eye.Go win your ring, Blake. You deserve it.







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